Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Inspired by Downton Abbey

With the return of Downton Abbey this month we've been inspired to put together some winter hat inspiration for those who adore the vintage style.

Downton Abbey Hats - Alison Tod Millinery

Our felt cloche hats encompass the classic, elegant Edwardian styling of Downton Abbey beautifully. With their structured shape they display flawless craftsmanship and are available in a range of colour tones & designs.

During the 1900's, when the Cloche was first introduced, it was said that the decoration on the hat represented the relationship status of the lady wearing it. An arrow shaped ribbon was worn by women who were single but had already given their heart to someone, a knot symbolised marriage and a glamorous bow was for the single women who were interested in mingling.

Downton Abbey Hats - Alison Tod Millinery

To compliment the art deco style of the cloche hats we also have a collection of beaded evening bags which were another statement piece at the time. The hand-pleated silk scarf by Charles & Patricia Lester, which also features in the image above, further emphasises the sophisticated look of this era.

For more information on any of the pieces featured in the post email enquiries@alisontod.co.uk or call 01873 855923.

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