Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hats & Fascinators for All Occassions

For those of you searching for the perfect occasion wear hat here is a little more information about each collection. 

Prêt-à-Porter Millinery 

We have an extensive ready to wear collection of both hats and fascinators. Incorporating our luxurious style, each of the fascinators and hats in this collection are made using the most delicate fabrics. Perfect for wedding guests our impressive collection in our Abergavenny store allows customers to be able try on a range of styles in order to find out what compliments them and their outfit the best.    

Semi Couture Millinery
With our semi couture service we customise a hat of your choice from our Prêt-à-Porter range to suit our clients requirments. With the addition of beautiful details and trims from an extensive collection spanning years of Alison looking out for the charming and the unusual.  We have the ability to enhance the piece so that it maximises accent details of your chosen garments. We can often replicate certain elements from the garment such as the detailing and colour tone in order to have an accessory that is perfection. 

Couture Hats

This service involves the studio creating a one-off exclusive piece of model millinery for those who want to make a statement at an extra special occasion. During your first personal consultation with Alison we work out the style of hat which is best suited you, your event and your chosen outfit. Together we can decide on colour tones, fabrics and designs inspired by that of the garment in order to create a cohesive final look. In order to achieve an exact tonal match we offer an exclusive, unique service to dye millinery. The design is then created using meticulous craftsmanship and the finest quality materials in our studio resulting in the ultimate statement accessory.

Super Couture

This is for serious fashionistas. Alison using her 35 years of expertise will create a sensational show piece of millinery which will be entirely unique in concept and make, something that has not seen before other than gracing the international catwalks, a product of Alison's acclaimed dramatic imagination for those ladies who want to be pursued by the press at a public event.

We are unique as a millinery boutique offering this extraordinary skill set, talent and library of materials. For more information on any of the services we provide call us on 01873 855923 or email enquiries@alisontod.co.uk 

It is imperative that you bring your outfit so that we can match or contrast shapes and colours to the best effect. Please note appointments are advisable as we are a very busy studio. 

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